AAMOU began in the summer of 1999 in Aurora IL. After seeing so many young people destroy their lives with gangs, drugs, violence, incarceration, etc... Several men decided they could no longer stand on the sideline and watch our youth continue to tumble in a whirlwind of despair. So, they join together to help eradicate the problem.  Their solution was to transform children at risk into productive citizens using the following principles:

         Each one must teach one
Rites of Passage is a process that validates that a boy has become a man; Not by age, but through acquired knowledge, maturity in thoughts and demonstration of responsibility.

A boy must see a successful man in order to be a successful man
Boys obtain manhood training and leadership skills.  "When I was a boy, I thought like a boy, talked like a boy, and acted like a boy, but when I became a man, I put childish things aside."

Rites of Passage means to change, be transformed through the sharing of knowledge
    • From acting Negative to being Positive.
    • From acting Immature to being Mature.
    • From acting Disrespectful to being Respectful to girls, women, elders and authority figures.  
    • From acting Irresponsible to being Responsible at home, school and social life.
    • From acting unmotivated to being Inspired.
    • From failing Academically to improving GPA.
    • From being a Follower to being a Leader. 
Get knowledge, get understanding & apply knowledge
If a boy knows better, he can do better. If you change the way he thinks, You change the way he acts. If you build confidence, you improve self esteem. Knowledge strengthen the mind, strengthen character, and strengthen leadership abilities to avoid failure, poverty, and being misled.

Unlocking true potential

Once the Rites of Passage journey is complete, we celebrate manhood and acclimate the young man into the community as a  responsible adult, with the ability to adequately support himself and his future family. He knows what he’s going to be when he  becomes a man...... He has guidance, support, structure, brotherhood and positive examples of manhood.... He has the knowledge to function independently, get a job, attend college, enter an apprenticeship and be self sufficient. (We call this process, Harvesting the Crop)